March 19, 2020 Christian Life Church

CLC and Covid-19

CLC and Covid-19

CLC Family,

With aims to love our neighbor by doing our part to minimize the spread of the coronavirus and practice Romans 13, at the recommendation of our federal, state, and local, government, and the guidance of our elders, we will suspend all CLC services and events until at least April 5th.

Redeeming the Time

Not wanting to waste our time inside, but to instead "redeem the time (Eph 5:16)", we're working on several ways to connect the church while we are temporarily separated from one another.

Sunday Morning Live Stream | 10:00am

On Sunday mornings at 10:00, from our Church Facebook page ( our Church website live stream page ( we'll sing a few songs, pray, and I'll share God's word.

This is not a replacement for our gatherings, but is something that can still be helpful to us in this strange time.

I'm not quite sure yet what parts of the bible I'll be teaching from yet, but I am sure we'll suspend our "Church?" series until we can come together again.

Children and Family Resources

For our Children and Family (CAF) Ministry, we're still operating under the assumption that ground zero for discipleship is the home, and so we're working on resourcing parents to this end.

We've created a playlist of new songs for your family to learn and enjoy. You can find them on the CAF page on the church website or get them straight from Youtube (

On Sunday morning, we'll upload a video of Carlee reading the "Gospel Story Bible" to our CAF Facebook group

Also on Sunday morning, we'll upload the Gospel Story lesson documents to our website's Children and Family page for parents to use for added activities to accompany lesson + extra teaching points that have not been covered in the video.

On Wednesdays, Carlee will livestream on the CAF Facebook group, this time a lesson from the "Long Story Short" devotional, building on Sunday's lesson.

Parents, we feel it would be extremely helpful to you, if you haven't already, to purchase the Gospel Story Bible, Long Story Short, and Old Story New as they help keep the same stories and truths in front of the children Sunday-Saturday. If you need help financially with these resources, please let us know.

As always, our church supplies access to RightNow Media

( , so if the children are in front of a screen, you can make sure what their viewing is highlighting Jesus and growing their hearts and minds.

Adult Resources

In keeping with redeeming the time while we're stuck inside, we've compiled links to hundreds of thousands of solid, bible-based, evangelical, bible study resources, from articles, sermons, graduate level theology courses, and more.

Simply visit the Resources page on our church website.

In addition to these, I'll be sharing different articles and videos throughout the week.

Church Vote

The elders decided Wednesday to continue with the church vote for this Sunday.

We will inform the church of the voting process as soon as we have it up and running.

Church and Community Care

Lastly, the upheaval we’re experiencing as a nation means that many of us are under pressure physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

If you are at risk for Covid-19, and need help with grocery delivery or anything else, please reach out to us or contact a church elder or member.

If you know anyone else in our community that needs assistance in this way, don't hesitate to contact us.

How To Give

To continue giving to the church in this time, you can give online via debit, credit, or bank transaction

If you are not an online person, the church offices are open from 8:30-4:00 Monday-Thursday and you can drop the check off in the lockbox located at the entrance.

Until He Comes,