April 19, 2020 Christian Life Church

"O Spirit"

"O Spirit" 

By Joe Kreger

O Spirit fill me up today

Reside in me I humbly pray

Convict me of my every sin

Mold and change me from within

You, who came at Pentecost

Found me once that I was lost

You drew me to my God above

You helped me understand His love

You make the scriptures plain to me

You push me down on bended knee

You lift me up each time I fall

You tune my ear to hear my call

You'll stay with me till Christ returns

You'll bring me peace when my heart yearns

You comfort me in times of stress

You shape the words that I confess

I seek Your gifts for the Kingdom's sake

Guide me down each path I take

Cultivate Your fruit in me

Remove the veil that I might see

Baptize me in Your cleansing fire

And pull my feet from fleshly mire

Arm me with your mighty sword

And make me useful to my Lord