May 21, 2020 Christian Life Church

Church Gathering Plans | May 24th & 31st

Church Gathering Plans | May 24th & 31st

Sunday May 24th Plans

Last Sunday we enjoyed getting to worship the Lord with almost half of our church family on a beautiful sunny morning.

Unfortunately, current weather forecasts for this Sunday do not look as favorable. 

Should the forecast change, we will gather outside. If not, we will live stream songs, prayers, and a sermon, as our previously communicated plan indicated. 

Sunday May 31st Plans

That being said, we now turn our attention to our first gathering back in the sanctuary on May 31st. 

  • If You Don’t Feel Well, Stay Home

As always, pandemic or not, if you do not feel well or feel vulnerable to sickness, please stay home, inform the elders, and we’ll gladly come pray with you there. We will still be livestreaming worship for those at home. 

  • If You Do Feel Well, Practice Good Hygiene

Wash your hands and cough somewhere *not* on other people or objects.

  • Sunday Groups Will Resume

Our normal groups (CAF, Students, S+D, Homebuilders, Larry’s) will resume. 

  • Our Facility is Clean

Every surface of the building (knobs, chairs, equipment, ect) will have been cleaned and disinfected. Hand sanitizer is available at each entrance. 

  • We Will Use Travel Communion

For a few weeks we’ll continue to use the travel communion cups as we worship at the Lord’s Table. 

  • Hugs, Handshakes, Masks, and Romans 14

If you’re comfortable shaking hands, hugging, sitting close to one another, ect, that’s fine. (It’s one of the things we miss the most after all!) But please do not force your freedom of conscience on others whose conscience before God at this moment has them wearing a mask/practicing careful social distancing. We will honor the choices of each person’s conscience before God in these matters. Ex; if you come up for prayer with an elder, we will first ask if we may lay hands on you.

  • Nursery Protocol/Entry

If you have a child in the nursery, enter through the nursery door in the sanctuary. If you have a child in Mary and Judy’s class, do not enter through the nursery, but go through the south hallway, and enter from the south door outside. Only nursery age children should be in the nursery room. At 9:45 we will remove all the babies/children from their respective rooms, disinfect the rooms, and then bring them back in. 

A Sincere Thanks

This has been one of the strangest 9 weeks of my life, especially in my role in our church. I want to sincerely say “thank you” to our members for being patient and kind as we’ve tried to navigate this with wisdom.

Those who wanted to reopen and gather earlier than we are have been kind and supportive, and those who feel we still shouldn’t open have been kind and supportive. 

So, thank you. 

Until He Comes,