House Groups

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5 Purposes of House Groups

1) Community

While corporate worship and prayer is massively important to faithfully following Jesus, House Groups exist to create space for legitimate discipling communities; eating, singing, praying, reading, and spending time with the same group of people over a long period of time, that can’t be forged in 1.5 hours on Sunday.

2) Discipleship

House Groups exist to create avenues for discipleship, or “helping each other follow Jesus.” By earning relational capital and trust, discipling conversations begin to take place more naturally. It can be difficult to strike up a conversation with a fellow believer you are only acquaintances with, but will happen naturally with someone you’ve been spending time with. The hope is that increasing the amount of time we spend together as a church, we’re greasing the wheels for conversations about Jesus that lead to obedience to Jesus.

3) Evangelism

While engaging our church members in the groups, we also want to be strategic in bringing unbelievers into our homes to sit around a dinner table and observe how believers, sing, pray, and discuss the scriptures, and care for one another. Our love for another is one of the greatest apologetic tools in the belt.

While Christians should invite unbelievers to church, “Would you like our church group to join us for dinner?” is more likely to make a connection, and by default, open a door for our message.

4) Persecution

Should we experience an event where our large gatherings are no longer allowed or safe, House Groups allow us to continue meeting to worship Jesus and spur one another one towards love and good works.

5) Multiplication

Finally, as these groups grow and and make disciples, they multiply. This will involve “gospel goodbyes” as new groups form.

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